One Mind Birthday Fundraiser


Want to make this year’s birthday last a lifetime? Use your big day to transform the future of brain health by creating a birthday Facebook fundraiser. Invite your loved ones to celebrate your big day by supporting One Mind’s mission to accelerate brain health for all. 

One Mind aims to address the global brain health crisis, working to build a world where everyone with mental health conditions can lead healthy, productive lives. From improving access to gold standard care for youth with Serious Psychiatric Illness through the ASPIRe initiative to funding pioneering research from emerging leaders in neuropsychiatry through the Rising Star Awards, the change we need starts here.

Not sure how to create a Facebook fundraiser? We can help.

Setting Up a Fundraiser

  1. Click the button below to start your fundraiser.
  2. Follow the instructions to set a fundraising goal, deadline, and message for loved ones about why you’re supporting One Mind.
  3. Click create and share with your friends.
Mental Health Fundraiser image

100% of all funds raised on Facebook will be applied directly to our patient-focused programs.