An Online Guide to Mental Health Apps: Dr. Michael Knable

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On previous episodes of Brain Waves, I have featured a couple of software programs for helping people with mental illness manage their symptoms, namely Dr. Sophia Vinogradov’s adaptation of PositScience Brain Fitness (now BrainHQ), and In recent months there has been a dizzying proliferation of such programs, many as apps on mobile devices. To help people decide which of these programs may be most helpful to them, One Mind offers a new website called PsyberGuide profiles and rates these programs and apps. In this month’s Brain Waves segment, Dr. Michael Knable, PsyberGuide’s Project Manager, joins us to tell us about its service.

The Q&A period is now over, but you are welcome to watch the video and peruse the comments below. Many thanks to all who participated!

If you like PsyberGuide and would like to support its efforts, you can make a tax-deductible donation to it through One Mind. Just visit our donation page, then indicate in the comments field on the checkout page that your donation is for PsyberGuide.