Understanding Dopamine’s Role in Schizophrenia

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Psychosis can be both terrifying and debilitating. Blocking dopamine receptors is an effective drug mechanism to reduce psychotic symptoms, hence dopamine must be involved in psychotic diseases like schizophrenia. But how? This question remains open even after 50 years of doctors prescribing such drugs. If it can be answered, better, safer therapies can start to be developed.

One scientist beginning to connect the dots is Vikaas Sohal, M.D., Ph.D, One Mind Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF. Not to give too much away, but his recent findings pinpoint a specific type of neuron whose overstimulation by dopamine generates the kind of elevated prefrontal cortical activity that might be the neural substrate for the disorganized behavior seen in schizophrenia.

Dr. Sohal is an ace at explaining anything about the brain, and loves to do so, as you can see below. Comments are now closed.

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Have fun! -Brandon