Pioneering Personalized Depression Diagnoses

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Depression is the most common debilitating mental health condition, and one of the most varied, in both its causes and in the experience of the people it afflicts. As Dr. Conor Liston of Weill Cornell Medical College has pointed out, analyzing the different permutations of criteria for diagnosing depression via the DSM-V makes it appear that depression is actually 256 unique conditions, rather than one. It’s no wonder that research to improve depression treatment has been slow, and that many people afflicted must try several different therapies with their doctors before they find relief.

Dr. Liston has won the 2015 One Mind / Janssen Rising Star Translational Research Award for his proposal to improve this situation, and he appeared on Brain Waves this week to discuss his research and answer questions. Comments are now closed.

Thanks to all who participated! –Brandon

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