Testing a Potential Schizophrenia Drug: Dr. Phil Corlett

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In spite of a clear need, few truly innovative medications for schizophrenia have appeared in the last two decades. However, with his new theory of what causes schizophrenia’s symptoms, Rising Star Award winner Phil Corlett, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine, is planning a human trial of the drug Retigabine in schizophrenia patients. Dr. Corlett believes that Retigabine might address symptoms of delusions (persistent unhealthy unrealistic beliefs) and anhedonia (lack of pursuit of once-rewarding activities). If his trial is successful, it will not only point to a new medication for schizophrenia but also help us understand why schizophrenia symptoms appear. Preview a summary of Dr. Corlett’s Rising Star proposal

Now, you can watch an interview here with Dr. Corlett about his Retigabine trial and its basis.

Although comments on this page are now closed, you can reach Dr. Corlett with questions through his website: https://medicine.yale.edu/profile/philip_corlett/

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