Turning Grief into Change: Seong and David Brown

Join One Mind President Brandon Staglin for an engaging conversation with Seong and David Brown, a dynamic advocate couple who are turning the grief of familial tragedy into steps for positive change for youth brain health care. Audience questions encouraged!

Seong and David were available to answer your questions daily via this page through Friday, June 28, 2019.

During the live webcast, the Browns answered these questions:

  • Can you please briefly describe your daughter’s struggle and the events that have inspired you to care so deeply about improving the brain health care system?
  • What work are you doing to effect such positive change?
  • What has drawn you to partner with One Mind’s ASPIRe program?
  • Can you please describe the project we are working on together, which is starting in Sonoma County, California?
  • What do you envision as the ultimate success possible for the EMB / One Mind ASPIRe program?
  • How can interested viewers get involved?
  • The Elizabeth Morgan Brown Memorial Fund will be hosting an event in October to fundraise for EMB / One Mind ASPIRe. In case viewers would like to attend, how can they learn more?

Learn more about the Elizabeth Morgan Brown Memorial Fund.

Learn more about One Mind’s ASPIRe program.

16 thoughts on “Turning Grief into Change: Seong and David Brown

    1. The language and the way we think about this illness like needs to change and be taken seriously. And we must stop blaming the people suffering with brain illness and be educated as much as we can.

    1. Yes! Thank you for your compassion and understanding. This could happen to anyone and everyone.

    1. Margaret Forbes MacDonald, thank you as well! It is important to have conversations about brain illness and speak out on behalf of the voiceless who suffer from this illness.

  1. Sorry for your loss. I also recently started speaking at schools about mental health and coping with the loss of family members to associated challenges.
    What has been the best resource for you to cope with your grief?

    1. Sam Warach, thank you for being here and your kind words. My experience is that finding friends who would be there for you when speak your loved one’s name and be patient with your grieving; that’s very helpful for me.

  2. Hello, I got notified about this Live Conversation here on facebook, through my One Mind newsletter subscription.. There was also a link to a page that is abut Elizabeth Morgan and her story : https://www.elizabethmorganbrown.org/. Thank you One Mind ,for your outstanding work in such ,nearly, intractable problems. and your efforts towards the push for a more collaborative scientific landscape.

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