Strong 365, a One Mind supported program, is a growing community of wellness warriors who believe that the strength to persist and thrive through a mental health challenge exists in all of us.

This youth-focused community is anchored by the website that serves as a resource hub that helps connect young people and their families to care for early stage psychosis. The website provides “brain basics” on what mental health is, gives information on what the signs and causes of psychosis are and provides recommendations on how those with brain disorders can cope. It also serves as a resource on how to find help and how to help others if they are suffering psychosis. In addition to the website, the staff of Strong365 also manage and moderate their well-supported social media feeds inclusive of the Strong365 facebook page.

The Strong365 staff and their supporting community use their experiences to empower people to stay in the fight for wellness one day at a time, to connect to help earlier, and to get back to chasing their dreams. They are living proof that those with psychosis are not alone, and with the right support and determination, life gets better.

In partnership with a research team at Northwell Health in New York City, the Strong 365 program is currently testing the efficacy of digital marketing strategies to identify young people (and their networks) in the early stages of psychosis, engage them in online help-seeking, and refer them to early psychosis care. You may learn more about this research partnership here.

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