Healthy Brains Global Initiative

Healthy Brains Global Initiative

Mental and neurological illnesses are the world’s biggest unmet medical need: affecting 1 in 4 people and resulting in $3 trillion in annual global costs. Despite this, most countries contribute limited resources to brain health research, creating a dire need for innovative investment approaches.

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Healthy Brains Global Initiative

About Healthy Brains Global Initiative

The Healthy Brains Global Initiative (HBGI) is a collaboration of global leaders in neuroscience, policy, and finance to develop an umbrella set of financing mechanisms to fuel an unprecedented increase in brain science breakthroughs, from basic research to implementation, that will change the lives of those living with mental and neurological disorders and bend the unsustainable $3 trillion global cost curve borne today by low, middle, and high income countries. Planning efforts for this initiative are currently underway with a formal launch planned for 2021.

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Funding the Most Needed Science:

HBGI will make research investments based on the need for this funding relative to the scale of unmet public health need, the potential for improving lives, the scientific opportunity presented by that research. HBGI will support many types of research on multiple topics throughout the duration of the initiative.

Initial Research Focus: Brain Development and Disorders in Young Adults

Most mental health problems emerge between the ages of 11 and 30 and lifetime health habits are also formed during this time.  Despite this, there has been less investment in research for people of these ages than for their younger or older counterparts. HBGI will fund research to explore this important period of biological and social change to improve understanding of how to treat and prevent mental and neurological conditions.

Funding Youth Mental Health photos

Guiding Principles

Include diverse populations in low-, middle-, and high-income countries

Involve those with lived experiences

Need for rigor, replicability, and generalizability

Strongly support data sharing and open science

Learn from the last half century of translational failure: no business as usual

A Collaboration of Global Experts


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HBGI has four working groups to develop key strategies and implementation plans prior to the 2021 launch. These individuals are global leaders in their respective fields and are graciously donating their time to make HBGI a success. Learn More

Why One Mind's Support Matters

One Mind and the National Academy of Medicine are leading HBGI in collaboration with the World Bank and the World Health Organization, as well as leading investment banks, grant-making organizations, and research organizations. One Mind plays a key role in bringing all of these groups together and in making sure that those who have lived experience with brain health disorders are represented in this initiative.