If you are viewing this page, we know that you care about brain health either for yourself or someone you love. We do too and it is what drives us towards our vision of ‘Healthy Brains for All’. 

With one in four people globally being affected by a brain illness in their lifetime and more than 2.8 million Americans sustaining a traumatic brain injury each year, the need to accelerate cures for brain illnesses and injuries is more urgent than ever.

The good news is that by donating to One Mind via our 2018 #HolidayChallenge campaign, you can make a difference and provide hope to those who are adversely affected by a brain illness or injury! This year’s Holiday Charity Challenge goes from November 27, 2018 to January 2nd, 2019.

Our goal through this fundraiser along with our recent #GivingTuesday fundraiser that we hosted on Facebook is to raise at least $50,000 combined. We raised over $10,000 on the Facebook fundraiser, so any support you can give through our Crowdrise fundraiser and its $40,000 goal will definitely help!

With your support, together we can accelerate the advancements the One Mind supported AURORA study on trauma is making towards enabling treatments for the millions of people who have experienced a traumatic event, be it war, violence, a serious accident or assault.

With your support, together we can accelerate the advancements One Mind is making with our newly launched ASPIRe program that looks to dramatically increase the percentage of youth who get treatment for and recover from a serious psychiatric illness.

With your support, together we can accelerate the advancements the One Mind supported TRACK-TBI study on traumatic brain injury is making towards confirming a first-ever FDA approved biomarker for acute traumatic brain injury.

With your support, together we can provide the much needed grant funding to the best and the brightest early-career neuropsychiatric brain scientists via our annually held Rising Star Awards grant program.

In addition, your support will help One Mind advance the other brain health programs like Strong365 and PsyberGuide that we lead or support (see all our programs).

Please help by: 

Setting up your own online fundraiser that supports and directly links to our existing One Mind #HolidayChallenge Crowdrise fundraiser. The set up is super easy and doing this will provide a way for you and your friends and family to team up to raise funds in support of our $50,000 goal. Click HERE for the setup instructions.

Donating directly to our our Crowdrise Holiday Challenge fundraiser anytime between November 26, 2018 and January 2, 2019.

Taking an active role in voicing your support of our One Mind #HolidayChallenge campaign on your social media feeds. Sharing or liking our posts (Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn), or making your own posts will all be met with sincere appreciation. Be sure to use the #HolidayChallenge and #TogetherOneMind hashtags with any post you make.

Please watch and share the below One Mind fundraising videos: 

Need ideas on what to post on your social media feeds? Feel free to copy and paste any of the statements below: 

Brain health matters to me – Join me in donating to One Mind in support of accelerating cures for brain illnesses. #TogetherOneMind

Together we can accelerate brain health – Join me in supporting One Mind this holiday season. #TogetherOneMind

The world needs ‘Healthy Brains for All’ – Join me in accelerating cures for brain illnesses. #TogetherOneMind

You can also add a customized picture frame to your Facebook profile photo that shows your support of One Mind and brain health: 

Log into you Facebook page, hover over your profile photo, click update, select add frame, enter ‘One Mind Holiday Frame’ in the search field, select our frame and add it to your profile photo. Then share it with the world to let others see!

Throughout this campaign, we hope to announce and recognize a number of matching gifts. If you plan to make a comparatively large donation and you would like help us motivate others to donate, we would love to leverage your support as a matching gift donor. If so, or if you have any questions or ideas in support of this campaign, please email us.