Holiday Challenge

Year End Support for Brain Health

The end of the year is an opportune time to reflect back on what has occurred over the last 12 months and ponder in appreciation our friends and family who continue to support us through our lives. It is also a time to consider those whose lives we can improve through our collective generosity.

With this in focus, we ask that you support our 2019 year-end fundraising campaign that will go to help provide hope and support to the 1 in 4 people worldwide who suffer from at least one mental disorder during their lifetime. In doing so, you will also give solace to their family and friends whose lives are also affected.

Thank you to everyone who donated to make a difference and provide hope to those who are adversely affected by a brain illness or injury!

We met our goal to raise $40,000 through this campaign. Thank you!

What Your Donation Will Support

Our ASPIRe program that looks to dramatically increase the percentage of youth who get treatment for and recover from a serious psychiatric illness.

The AURORA study that One Mind supports that is working to enable treatments for people who have experienced a traumatic event, be it war, violence, serious accident, or assault.

Our Rising Star Awards grant program that provides much needed grant funding to the best and the brightest early-career neuropsychiatric brain scientists.

The TRACK-TBI study on traumatic brain injury that One Mind supports that is working to confirm a first-ever FDA approved biomarker for acute traumatic brain injury.

In addition, your donation will support our other brain health programs like Strong365 and PsyberGuide that we lead or support.

How You Can Help

Giving Tuesday Donation

Donate to our 2019 Holiday Challenge fundraiser before the end of 2019.

Set up your own online fundraiser that links to and supports our existing fundraiser. Click the ‘Join’ button here.

Commit to the future by becoming a reoccurring monthly donor of One Mind.

Please also voice your support of our year end fundraising efforts by sharing & liking our posts (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn).


Please Watch and Share our Videos

Throughout this campaign, we hope to announce and recognize a number of matching gifts. If you plan to make a comparatively large donation and you would like help us motivate others to donate, we would love to leverage your support as a matching gift donor. If so, or if you have any questions or ideas in support of this campaign, please email us.