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Thank you for your support of One Mind and our quest of accelerating treatments for brain illnesses and injuries. You can help decrease the stigma around brain health disorders by sharing your support of brain health with your friends and family. To aid you in your efforts, we have posted some images on this page that you can use in any communications efforts you make.

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Our Logo

Below are the three different versions we have for our logo. Our preference is that you use the one of the left with the black text. However, if you have dark colored backgrounds or are using black and white, the other two versions are available.

For specific One Mind program logos, please email info@onemind.org.

Mission & Tagline

One Mind Mission
One Mind Tagline


From three different vantage points, each of the below videos gives a reason to why it is important to support brain health research. Help decrease the stigma of mental illness by sharing them on your social media. More videos are on our One Mind YouTube channel.

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Birthday Fundraisers

Are you fundraising for One Mind for your birthday? If so, feel free to use these images within your social media efforts. Learn more on how to fundraise for One Mind here.