One Mind Joins the Mental Health Coalition to Destigmatize Mental Health Conditions

Mental Health Coalition Graphic

One Mind Joins the Mental Health Coalition to Destigmatize Mental Health Conditions

One Mind is proud to announce that we have joined the Mental Health Coalition, a committed group of organizations, brands, and individuals that have dedicated themselves to transforming the conversation and culture around mental health.

Consisting of eight founding members and over 20 coalition members, the Mental Health Coalition is comprised of diverse and influential non-profit organizations who work to provide services and advocate for the community living with, and affected by, mental health conditions.

The mission of the Mental Health Coalition is to build a like-minded community who will work together to destigmatize all mental health conditions by changing the way people talk about, and care for, their mental health.

As a patient-focused organization that was created in response to our founders own lived experience with a mental health condition, One Mind understands the debilitating burdens caused by the stigma that surrounds mental health conditions. We also understand the added value and momentum that gets created when influential organizations strategically collaborate together to bolster their common goal.

The Mental Health Coalition imagines a world without judgment. A world where we all understand that everyone is dealing with their own mental health condition. A world where we take care of our mental health as much as our physical health.

As part of One Mind’s MHC membership support, One Mind has provided educational content for the Mental Health Coalition Resource Library that has pooled together resources provided by the coalition’s members to help those who are wanting to learn about mental health, help a loved one, learn coping skills and seek support.

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