One Mind Message on the Violence in Israel

To the people living in Israel and Gaza, and to their friends and family members worldwide, my colleagues and I at One Mind send our heartfelt sympathies and hopes for a swift end to the horrific conflict unfolding in your lands. War has never resolved the differences between your peoples, and terrorism is never an answer. The trauma of violence and loved ones’ deaths echoes beyond individuals to communities and even entire societies. Only when peace comes can people begin to heal the ongoing, mental illness-borne suffering inflicted by these traumas.

One of my greatest heroes, Dr. Thomas Insel, former Director of the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health, recently popularized in his book Healing: Our Path from Mental Illness to Mental Health the notion that the three keys to healing are People, Place, and Purpose. In light of the nascent horrors, I add a fourth: Peace.

One Mind remains committed to healing lives throughout our world. May peace find you soon.

Brandon Staglin
President, One Mind

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