One Mind Leadership Speak Out for Total Brain’s #ThisIsNormal Campaign

ThisIsNormal banner imageOne Mind and our One Mind at Work initiative is a proud partner and beneficiary of Total Brain’s #thisisnormal awareness campaign that is built to break the stigma associated with mental health by normalizing mental health and bringing it out of the shadows.   

In response to a recent opinion poll released by Total Brain that states that 86% of U.S. workers want their employer to build a corporate culture that encourages open dialogue about mental health challenges, and in response to the estimate that 70% of the population is at risk for a mental health condition, the #thisisnormal campaign asserts that this percentage represents “most” and that it is “normal” to live with a mental health condition.

We at One Mind couldn’t agree more.

Mental health isn’t just our business, it’s who we are as individuals and employees of our organization. Like the leadership of One Mind shown below who are participating in the #thisisnormal campaign, we encourage you to do so too. A positive of your support is that TotalBrain will donate $5 to our non-profit for each of the first 1,000 people who participate in the campaign. Please help make mental health normal by sharing your story online and sharing this opportunity with those you know. See the instructions below.


Brandon Staglin, One Mind President

This is the face of psychosis.

When I was 18, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After months trapped in that relentless, delusional hell, I believed my future was a lost cause. One hopeless autumn night, I nearly ended my life.

But my family and friends rallied, and I got good care. Grateful for a second chance, today I lead a nonprofit, One Mind, to accelerate brain health for all.

If you’ve struggled with trauma, anxiety, depression, mania or even psychosis, you are not alone. I stand with you. This is normal.

Join me in sharing your B&W selfie and #thisisnormal story. @totalbraininc will make a $5 donation to @OneMindOrg for each of the first 1K people who participate.


Daryl Tol, One Mind Executive Vice President

Daryl Tol #ThisIsNormal

This is the face of anxiety.

I’m a CEO who hid his therapy and medication from his employer and friends for years. I understand the fear of career impact. I understand stigma. I’m a CEO who finally spoke up and saw the struggle turn to strength and connection.

Please join me in sharing your black & white photo and #thisisnormal story. @totalbrain will make a $5 donation to One Mind for each of the first 1k people who participate.


Tal Gerzon, One Mind Director of Development

Tal Gerzon #ThisIsNormal

This is the face of anxiety. I’ve never mentioned it publicly before. My wife helps me the most with confronting and accepting my pain, I am forever grateful for her. Exercise, nature and therapy also helps me tremendously.

Grandson of a Holocaust survivor, I never met my grandfather. I accidentally learned he passed by suicide. I only learned during one of my father’s episodes of major depression, which years later was properly diagnosed as bipolar. One of my aunts was also bipolar. My cousin on my mother’s side passed from suicide 2 months ago. Countless relatives, friends, fellow parents, neighbors and coworkers share their struggles with me, privately. The more I share, the more they share. We are not alone.

There is endless compassion and understanding. We should all speak about it more often, and openly.

Join me in sharing your B&W selfie and #thisisnormal story. @totalbraininc will make a $5 donation to @OneMindOrg for each of the first 1K people who participate.


How to participate:

To further demonstrate that #thisisnormal we are encouraging you to engage through a simple call to action of posting a black and white selfie on social media, along with your personal testimonial and the hashtag #thisisnormal, tagging Total Brain (and One Mind).



  1. Take a selfie looking directly into the camera.  Crop the photo, as needed, so that it does not extend below the top of your shoulders, nor above the top of your head.  The image should be mainly of your face.
  2. Convert the photo into a black and white image.  (For those with an Apple device this can easily be done by editing your photo in the Photos app).
  3. Start your post with the words “This is the face of <insert condition>”.  Some mental health conditions you might note:
  • Addiction
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Social Anxiety
  • Stress
  • NOTE: For those who haven’t struggled with any of the clinical conditions, stress is a good alternative to note, as it is particularly universal.
  1. Share a bit about yourself and your personal story.
  2. End with this: “Join me in sharing your B&W selfie and #thisisnormal story. @totalbraininc will make a $5 donation to @OneMindOrg for each of the first 1K people that participate.”
  3. Tag others in your network, as appropriate, to join the cause and share their stories.

If you would rather make a direct donation to One Mind, you may do so here.