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One Mind All Media Docu-Film Showcase:

Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System

This One Mind All Media five-part series of docu-films spotlight the groundbreaking Miami-Dade County Jail Diversion Program that is viewed as a national model to decriminalize mental illness. Together, the five films delve into the myriad problems that people with brain illness face both in their daily lives and in interactions with the criminal justice system. The shorts take a closer look at Miami-Dade’s Jail Diversion Program (JDP) that diverts people with mental illness out of the criminal justice system and intro treatment, and also spotlights Miami-Dade’s Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) that teaches police best practices to handle people with mental illness.

Episode 1: Recovery & the Jail Diversion Program (JDP)

Justin Volpe is a peer counselor with the Jail Diversion Program, and suffers from mental illness himself and was once a JDP client. Now he uses his own experiences with mental illness and recovery to shepherd clients on the path to recovery.

Episode 2: Miami-Dade's Criminal Mental Health Project: Meet JDP Client Stephon

Follow Stephon Berry through his journey as a JDP client, which includes regular visits to Dade Family Counseling for group and individual therapy, as well as medication. It’s a regimen he hopes can help him maintain work and find stability long after court supervision ends.

Episode 3: Officer Ulmer and the Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) Program

Ride along with Miami Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) officer Stephanie Ulmer as she puts her training to use to defuse and de-escalate mental health emergencies.

Episode 4: Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

Go inside the remarkably successful 40 hour CIT classes that teach police in Miami-Dade County how to handle people with mental illness, reducing violence and improving outcomes.

Episode 5: Miami-Dade's Criminal Mental Health Project (CMHP): Meet JDP Client Shawna

Follow JDP client Shawna on her path to recovery, culminating in her graduation from the program in an emotional ceremony.

Produced by Found Object / Gabriel London and Charlie Saddoff

Gabriel London began his career as a documentary filmmaker and social impact campaign director as an undergraduate at Pomona College, where he won the Albert R. Broccoli film award for his prison documentary, Turned Out. Continuing with criminal justice storytelling, in 2001 he produced and directed No Escape: Prison Rape in America, two short films that accompanied the Human Rights Watch report of the same name that were honored with a Soros Criminal Justice Award. In 2004, London went on to produce Drew Barrymore’s MTV documentary about youth voting, The Best Place to Start, and in 2008, he directed Snoop Dogg’s autobiographical streets-to-prison story, Youth Authority: California for Spike TV. In 2014, his multi-award-winning documentary, The Mind of Mark DeFriest, received wide acclaim at film festivals and went on to help reduce the subject’s sentence by over 70 years, before being shown theatrically and on Showtime.

Over ten years as a partner in the social impact creative agency, Found Object, Gabriel directed purpose-driven campaigns on issues such as veteran’s health, clean energy and climate change. His work on campaigns for Viacom — Spike’s Veterans Operation Wellness (VOW) — and New York State (Reforming the Energy Vision or “REV4NY”) combined storytelling with social activation around major policy issues of today. He now serves as the Creative Director for Apeel Sciences, a California based startup that developed a plant-based solution to help fight food waste and create a more participatory food system.

Charlie Sadoff Charlie began his career as an assistant editor in New York City working on the Emmy Award winning Liquid Television and Peter Gabriel’s music video Steam (MTV Music Video Award for Best Editing). In 1994, Sadoff was hired by TNT & Cartoon Network to help launch the channels in Asia. Three years later, Sadoff joined Miramax Films as an editor and producer of feature film trailers and TV campaigns including the Oscar Winning Life is Beautiful. In 1999, Sadoff signed on as a producer with the entertainment division of the NBA and in 2000 for HBO’s Inside the NFL. He was a writer, producer and editor of the 10-hour ESPN documentary The Rites of Autumn. Since then he has produced several documentaries for the NBA, ESPN and CBS as well as two documentary specials for The History Channel. In 2009, Charlie produced the feature documentary DreamRiders (Sheffield Film Festival) and the feature doc Running America. He was writer, producer and editor of Cut Poison Burn (2010 Mill Valley Festival) and co-producer of The Harvest from Executive producers Eva Longoria and Academy Award winners Shine Global. In 2014 Charlie produced the Mind of Mark DeFriest which was picked up by Showtime after a nationwide theatrical run. In 2019 he co-produced Shine Global’s Virtually Free and was a director and producer for Paramount Network’s Take Action Films series. Most recently he produced and wrote The Definition of Insanity which aired on PBS in 2020.

Charlie is a partner at the social impact creative agency Found Object and has served as a judge for the Emmy Awards, a speaker at the Real Screen Conference and the New York Film Council and as a guest lecturer at the graduate school of journalism at Columbia University. He has won multiple Golden Trailer, Cynopsis Social Good, Promax Gold and BDA Awards.  Charlie is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University.

One Mind and the filmmakers wish to acknowledge the Matthew Harris Ornstein Memorial Foundation for supporting the development of the PBS documentary The Definition of Insanity, and the underlying footage that is the basis for the One Mind Docu Film Showcase: Mental Illness and the Justice System.

Link to view The Definition of Insanity: https://www.pbs.org/show/definition-insanity/

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