Our History

A few milestones in One Mind's history


Inspired by their experience with their son Brandon’s schizophrenia diagnosis and recovery, Shari and Garen Staglin found a small concert in Napa Valley as The Music Festival for Mental Health, hosting it at their Staglin Family Vineyard. The event brings together renowned chefs and wineries, top-bill musicians, leading scientists and supporters to raise significant funds and awareness for mental health.


The Music Festival for Mental Health seed-funds a clinical trial of a new, software-based treatment for brain illness called cognitive training. This trial’s success helps to launch a movement to develop digital therapies for brain illness that has since produced thousands of innovative treatment technologies.


The Music Festival for Mental Health seed-funds the founding of the North American Prodrome Longitudinal Study, the first large-scale research consortium to investigate the means to detect and to treat psychosis in its formative stages. Now expanded with funding from the National Institute of Mental Health, the discoveries of this consortium continue to fuel a nationwide movement to reorient brain healthcare from a reactive approach to a more effective, proactive paradigm.


The Music Festival for Mental Health launches its Rising Star Award grant program, aimed to empower the most promising young brain scientists to make brain health breakthroughs while growing into leaders whose work will positively impact patients’ lives.


The Music Festival grew to the next level by becoming IMHRO, the International Mental Health Research Organization. IMHRO starts to produce additional fundraising events around the nation, expanding its reach by bringing together additional board members, advisors, and global scientists all interested in finding cures for mental illnesses.


Founded by IMHRO, Glenn Close, Fountain House and The Balanced Mind Foundation, Bring Change to Mind was born with a mission to be the world’s most effective organization in erasing the stigma and discrimination around mental illness. The organization’s first PSA was directed by Ron Howard and includes a song by John Mayer.


IMHRO co-founders Shari and Garen Staglin worked with Congressman Patrick Kennedy to co-chair the launch of the One Mind for Research Campaign. One Mind for Research’s focus was to create public/private partnerships to radically accelerate open science to benefit all affected by brain illness and injury.


Peter Chiarelli, General, USA (ret.) is hired to be One Mind for Research’s CEO. One Mind for Research launches its first One Mind Summit, bringing together top scientists, philanthropists, pharmaceutical and health-care leaders and government decision-makers to explore the ways to accelerate treatments and cures for all brain disease and injury. One Mind for Research continues to host five of these events through 2016.


As a project of One Mind for Research, the inaugural Kennedy Forum brought together advocates from the mental illness, substance abuse, and intellectual disability healthcare communities to create a national conversation to solve issues of stigma and access to care. Now a separate but aligned non-profit led by Patrick J. Kennedy, The Kennedy Forum continues to work to improve behavioral healthcare policy.

IMHRO takes over management of PsyberGuide, an online consumer guide for selecting software and apps for managing mental health conditions. IMHRO Board member Matt Bowman conceived of the website and recruited Dr. Michael Knable to manage the project.


One Mind for Research shortens its name to One Mind and releases its new and existing brand identity.


To recognize the close partnership of IMHRO and One Mind in the mutual quest to cure all forms of brain illness and injury, IMHRO rebrands as One Mind Institute.

Advocate Chantel Garrett launches Partners for Strong Minds (P4SM) as a sponsored project under the One Mind Institute to educate the public about the importance and availability of early treatment for youth at risk for psychosis. The project included the development of a youth hub for early psychosis, Strong 365 which is now the project’s name, as well as the launch of a research project that is evaluating of the efficacy of digital forms of outreach to identify people with early stage psychosis and refer them to care.


The 23rd annual Music Festival for Brain Health takes place at the Staglin Family Vineyard. Michael Franti & Spearhead perform as the headline concert and 2016’s proceeds total over $5.6 million is raised for brain health initiatives.


Recognizing that their united forces can more efficiently accelerate the hunt for brain disease treatments and cures, One Mind Institute and One Mind merge to become One Mind.


With the interest in providing hope and improved treatments for the millions of youth who face serious psychiatric illnesses, in September 2018, One Mind launches the ASPIRe (Applications for Serious Psychiatric Illness Recovery) program.