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Patient Stipends Help TRACK-TBI Gather Invaluable Information

Anne was hit by a drunk driver while filling up her parking meter on the side of the street in San Francisco. She was rushed to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center where she underwent surgery to relieve the pressure caused by the traumatic brain injury. While in the intensive care unit (ICU), Anne met with staff from the Transforming Research And Clinical Knowledge of Traumatic Brain Injury (TRACK-TBI) study. Anne enrolled in the study due to her interest in research and her motivation to help others who suffer similar injuries. After staying in the hospital for a week and a half, Anne returned home. Due to her injuries, Anne was unable to drive – relying on friends and family to assist her with daily tasks.

Funding from One Mind provided Anne with a small stipend (around $125 per visit) for her time as well as the cost of transportation to and from the hospital so that she could participate in the follow-ups that are part of the TRACK-TBI study protocol. Due to her fragile physical condition, without the transportation and support, Anne might not have returned for those visits. As important, this positive experience and the incentive of receiving patient stipends helped to motivate Anne to complete all of the follow-up visits over the course of one year, giving investigators an important view into the changes that occur after TBI and during recovery. By doing so, Anne has provided TRACK-TBI with invaluable information that will aid our understanding of TBI, and best of all, one year after her injury, Anne is doing great!