Peer to Peer Fundraising


Unite your friends, family and community to raise funds for brain health and One Mind! You can make a difference by raising money via an athletic event, sharing your passion with your social media network, leveraging your wedding or birthday, or hosting any other kind of fundraising event. However you decide to help, we welcome your peer to peer fundraising efforts to aid our non-profit and the people we support!

Brain Health Fundraising

If you would like to fundraise for us via Facebook, you can do so immediately via our One Mind Facebook page.

Raise funds for brain health - birthdays

Host a Birthday Fundraiser

Celebrate the most important day of your year and host a ‘Birthday Fundraiser for Brain Health’. Birthday fundraisers have become super popular and easy to set up on Facebook. Not only will you help raise funds in support of our mental health programs, you will also help in spreading the word about our non-profit. See the instructions above for how to set up your birthday fundraiser on Facebook and visit our media page for downloadable images you can use.


Bicycle fundraiser

From Cali to Canada

Past One Mind grassroots fundraisers Jaime Orozco and Garett Slettebak teamed up for a ‘Weekend of Brain Health’ on August 23rd-25th, 2019 to raise funds for One Mind. Garett bicycled 188-miles from Seattle to Vancouver, Canada on August 23rd-24th, while Jaime ran 26.2 miles in the Santa Rosa Marathon on August 25th. Together raised over $24,800 for our non-profit. Learn more.

‘Bardo Blues’ movie – Partial proceeds to support One Mind

Marcia Kimpton, the director of the award-winning psychological thriller ‘Bardo Blues’ is donating 10% of all iTunes download sales of this movie to One Mind. Set in Thailand, Bardo Blues follows the main character as he struggles to learn the truth about the mother that abandoned him and his own reason for existing. The goal of this semi-biographical film is to inspire others to find a way to choose heaven on earth. The movie will run in select theaters and iTunes starting May 3rd. Visit for more.

Running a Half Marathon for Brain Health

Napa Valley resident Jaime Orozco and a handful of his friends ran the March 3rd, 2019 Napa Valley Half Marathon to raise funds for One Mind. As the Hospitality Manager at Staglin Family Vineyard, Jaime has had the opportunity to learn about the brain health advancements the Staglin’s are leading through One Mind. Jaime wants to help by raising funds for One Mind, by raising awareness and by serving as a motivator to encourage others to support active brain health. Jaime crushed his original $10,000 fundraising goal! Learn more about his efforts on his fundraising page.

Bicycling for Brain Health

One Mind Communications Director, Garett Slettebak, bicycled 200+ miles on July 14th-15th, 2018 to raise funds for One Mind. This was his first time participating in the 10,000 person ‘Seattle to Portland’ bike ride and the first time he bicycled anywhere close to this distance. Having achieved his original goal of raising $4,000 earlier than he expected, Garett doubled his fundraising goal to $8,000. In total, $7,605 was raised for One Mind through this event. To learn more about his efforts, please visit his CrowdRise fundraising page.

Raise funds for brain health - endurance events

Running to Support Brain Health

Running buddies Alexander and Alvaro partnered to raise funds for the One Mind Institute (our organization prior to our consolidation with One Mind). They ran 26.2 miles in the Paris Marathon and raised over $8,000 for our non-profit. Alexander followed it up to support One Mind again while running in the Madrid Marathon. Be it any distance you run or walk, you too could leverage a running event to raise funds for One Mind!

Weddings, Anniversaries or Other Special Events

Leverage your wedding, anniversary or another special event to you to raise funds for brain health. In an era where more and more people are using their social media accounts to ask for donations to charity in place of gifts to themselves, this is a quick and easy peer to peer fundraising opportunity to support the accelerated brain research One Mind leads.

One Mind logo

Thank you for fundraising for One Mind and supporting brain health. If you are in need of images to use, be sure to visit our One Mind media page.

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