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The stigma that surrounds mental illness remains perverse and it creates an additional burden to those who face a brain health challenge. Stigma can cause people to feel ashamed and it can prevent those who suffer from seeking the help they need.

An effective way to reduce mental illness stigma is to share our own brain health stories with those we know and the general public as a whole. We are extremely thankful of everyone who does use their voice. Collectively, our actions will make a difference and will provide an improved environment for those who are affected by a brain illness or injury.

Shared below are the profile stories of a growing list of people we know who in response to their own lived-experiences have taken action to fight the stigma of mental illness. We hope their stories help you with your own brain health experiences and motivate you to share your stories with others.

Reduce Mental Illness Stigma - Zach Profile

Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Mental Health Caretaker

Brain Health Caretaker & Mom

Mental Health Advocate Jaime

Supporting Brain Health through Running

PTSD advocates Mike and Martha

Military Suicide Prevention

Reduce Mental Illness Stigma Profile Story Marcia

Film Director Advocating for Mental Health

Teen Suicide Prevention

Youth Mental Health Advocates

TBI Survivor Wendy Pincus

Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

Youth Psychosis Example

The Benefits of Early Intervention

Reduce Mental Illness Stigma Profile Story - Gwill

Lifelong Support of Mental Health

Actor and brain health advocate Glenn Close shares her mental health motivations, her desire for families to speak out together, and how One Mind helped her launch the mental health nonprofit she leads.

Please help use reduce mental illness stigma by sharing these stories or your own with those you love and society as a whole.

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