Supporting Brain Health through Running

Mental Health Advocate Jaime

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Jaime Orozco – Napa, California

Longtime Napa Valley resident Jaime Orozco will be running the Napa Valley Half Marathon on March 3rd to raise funds for One Mind. Having never run a half marathon or any distance above this before, Jaime is testing and bettering his own physical health so to help others with their brain health.

Jaime’s goal is to fundraise $10,000 for One Mind and to help reduce the stigma that surrounds brain illnesses. Additionally, Jaime also wants to serve as a motivator to encourage others to pursue active lifestyles that thereby improve their own brain health.

Jaime has spent the last 17 years working in the Napa Valley wine industry and is now employed at Staglin Family Vineyard, the winery that was started by Garen and Shari Staglin, the co-founders of One Mind. Through this role and his personal interactions with the Staglin family, Jaime has had the opportunity to learn about the brain health advancements they and One Mind have initiated and continue to lead.

“The Staglins and the staff of One Mind are extremely passionate about accelerating cures for brain illnesses and providing hope for those who struggle,” Jaime shared. “For all they have done, I am honored to leverage my participation in the half marathon to raise funds for the One Mind non-profit.”

Jaime’s stellar relationship building skills and outgoing personality have helped him to excel in the work he does as the Hospitality Manager at Staglin Family Vineyard. These same skills are aiding him in his fundraising efforts too, as proven by Jaime’s success at recruiting a handful of contacts to join him in running in the half marathon event while fundraising for One Mind. Together, they rapidly surpassed Jaime’s original fundraising goal!

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