At One Mind we are conveners. 

We are facilitators, advocates, and bold visionaries who understand the critical need to shift the current landscape of neuroscience research to a platform of open science.

Our focus is to guide, support, and facilitate the most promising and collaborative brain research in order to provide patients who suffer from brain disease and injury better diagnostics and treatment now.

To do this, we leverage government, industry and philanthropic funding
 to champion open science principles within translational 
research programs and emerging leaders, and we work
 diligently to fill the gaps that 
impede these programs from making discoveries in our lifetime.


Healthy Brains for All


To radically accelerate cures for brain illnesses and injuries by funding and fostering scientific collaborations and initiatives.

Key Principles:

  • Champion open/big science to solve big problems: Global Innovation for Brain Health
  • Collaborate: Don’t compete, don’t reinvent the wheel, leverage and fill gaps in existing initiatives.
  • Be Inclusive: Build a ‘collaboratory’ that includes scientists, clinicians, patients, families, industry, healthcare providers and policy makers
  • Implement: Research is not enough, new knowledge needs to be adopted by healthcare practitioners and patients quickly
  • Learning Healthcare: Develop, implement, evaluate, and modify diagnostics and treatments for brain health as needed, repeat.
  • Leverage government, industry and philanthropic funding