About Us

One Mind catalyzes visionary change through science, business and media to transform the world’s mental health.

One Mind leads with lived experience

Influenced by their son Brandon’s schizophrenia diagnosis, Shari and Garen Staglin launched One Mind in 1995 to bridge the gaps that they saw in mental health research funding and patient support.

Since then, One Mind has become the leading brain health nonprofit committed to healing the lives of people impacted by brain illness and injury through global, collaborative action. At the helm of this groundbreaking work is Brandon, now the President of One Mind.

Our Impact

In addition to catalyzing pivotal brain health research for over 25 years, One Mind has made great strides towards establishing a gold standard for workplace mental health, uniting organizations from Bank of America to Pepsi under the One Mind At Work banner. Nevertheless, with a Ken Burns youth mental health documentary and a $10 billion set of financing mechanisms to address the global brain health crisis in the works, our best days are on the horizon.

26 M

People receiving improved mental health support via the One Mind At Work Charter

$546 M

Raised and leveraged to support life-saving brain health research


Biomarkers defined for personalized diagnosis and treatment for post-traumatic stress


People enrolled in and benefitting from One Mind funded studies


One Mind Rising Star Award winning researchers funded

10+ Years

Pioneered development of a psychosis prevention treatment with 10+ year benefits
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What We Do

We Fund

We secure and leverage major funding from philanthropy, government, and industry for patient-centered brain research and scalable implementation of improved diagnostics and treatments.

We Convene

We bring together innovative and influential scientists, clinicians, patient advocacy groups, industry leaders, health care providers and policy makers to identify and solve important problems in brain health.

We Advocate

We use our voice and resources to build support for more research funding, combat stigma, and shape a policy and legislative agenda that better serves the lived experience community.
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Our Research

We fund research from promising scientists who can potentially make a direct impact in the brain health space. Many of the researchers funded by One Mind have become leaders in the field, generating breakthroughs that make a real difference in the lives of people with mental health challenges.
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Our Guiding Principles


Patients First

We seek guidance from the lived experience community, elevating their voices and needs in important conversations and decisions.


Strategic Collaboration

We create true value when we work together with key partners across sectors and institutions to bolster existing initiatives and fill gaps when needed.


Open Science

We incentivize a collaborative research culture that promotes free sharing of ideas, methods, and data, in order to speed up brain health discoveries and their translation into diagnostics and cures.


Mental Health is Brain Health

We combat stigma by raising public awareness of mental health conditions by communicating them as disorders of the brain, rooted in biology and not as a character flaw of the individual.
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Our Leaders

One Mind founders, Shari and Garen Staglin and President Brandon Staglin are the heart of this organization. Their lived experience and determination are the spirit behind a powerful and passionate community of scientists and advocates.
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