Cookie Policy

Effective Date: June 10th, 2018

We value your privacy, and we want to help make your experience with the website, products and services located at (the “One Mind Website”), as satisfying, safe and secure as possible. The One Mind Website is owned and operated by One Mind, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation (“OM,” “We” or “Us”). This Cookie Policy is incorporated into and is subject to the One Mind Privacy Policy. Any terms that are capitalized (e.g. “One Mind Website”, “OM”) and not explicitly defined in this Cookie Policy are defined in the One Mind Terms of Use or the One Mind Privacy Policy.

This Cookie policy outlines:

  1. What Cookies are
  2. How, when, and why the One Mind Website use Cookies
  3. How Third Parties may use cookies in collaboration with One Mind
  4. Your options and choices regarding the collection of cookies from your site activity
  5. Additional resources to learn more about cookies.

A “Cookie” (also called web cookie, Internet cookie, or Browser Cookie) is a small text file sent from a website that remains stored on the user’s computer and web browser. A Cookie file that is stored in your web browser allows any website or a third-party to recognize you and make your next visit easier, faster, or more useful to you.

1) What Are Cookies?

There are, broadly, two types of Cookies: persistent cookies, which remain on your browser after you leave a website; and session cookies, which are removed from your browser when you leave a website. We use both types of Cookies.

2) How, when, and why the One Mind Website uses Cookies

Some of the Cookies used on One Mind are stored and managed by One Mind on the One Mind Website server logs. For additional information on the Cookies managed by Third Parties (a person, organization, or group outside of the One Mind Website that provides services in support of the One Mind Website), see the “Third-Party Cookies” section below.

When you visit the One Mind website, we may place cookie files in your web browser for the following reasons:

A) Analyzing Site Activity. We use session cookies to identify how long you spend on different pages of the One Mind Website.

B) Saving Your Settings. When you visit the One Mind Website, we will ask you to acknowledge our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms and Conditions. We use persistent cookies to save your acknowledgement of these policies. If you disable cookies on the One Mind website, you may be prompted to acknowledge the policies each time you visit the One Mind Website.

C) Social Media Sharing. If you choose to ‘share’ any content from the One Mind website on a social media platform, that information will be saved as a session cookie to allow us to identify the number of times a page has been shared. We also use social sharing services provided by Third-Party services on the One Mind Website. See “Third-Party Cookies” for more information on the Cookies generated by those services.

3) Third Party Cookies

Third-Party Cookies, as used in this Privacy Policy, are cookies that are set by a website other than One Mind. We reserve the right to use additional Third-Party Services not listed here. The services listed below are consistently used on the One Mind website, irrespective of design and content updates.

A) Google Analytics.The One Mind Website uses Google Analytics to analyze site activity including (but not limited to) page visits, duration of time spent on the One Mind site, and referral links (the location of the link that you clicked to get to the One Mind Website. Google Analytics collects IP Addresses, as well as browser and device information. The IP address can be used to pinpoint a user’s device location. This information will not be maintained in the One Mind site/database in any identifiable capacity, but will be used and accessed in aggregate form by One Mind staff to analyze trends in site activity.

B) AddThis: Social Sharing. AddThis will not collect any identifying information or Cookies unless you choose to share a One Mind page on social media, in which case you will be prompted to enter the login credentials for the target social media account. Login credentials collected in this way are not stored anywhere in the One Mind site or database. AddThis will store and manage this information according to the policies described in their Privacy Practices.

NOTE: Some social networking sites may use additional cookies that can be used to track your activity across multiple websites. One Mind does NOT track your activity across multiple websites. You can learn more about this capability offered by some websites in the “Learn More” section below.

C) One Mind Newsletter.The One Mind Website Newsletter Service is provided by iConntact. If you choose to subscribe to the One Mind Newsletter, you will receive regular updates by e-mail. Each e-mail will place a small GIF — also known as a web beacon — in every Newsletter e-mailed to our subscribers. These are small files that contain unique identifiers that allow us to identify how many subscribers have opened a newsletter, or clicked links embedded within it. These web beacons will record your email address, IP address, and the date/time that you opened the newsletter, and/or clicked a link inside the newsletter. We use this data to create reports about how engaged our subscribers are with our newsletter content. To the extent permitted by applicable law, by subscribing to the One Mind Website newsletter, you agree to the terms stated in this section.

4) Opting Out

A) “Do Not Track” Requests. Some browsers provide an option to “Send a ‘Do Not Track’ (DNT) Request” to all websites that you visit. While there is no established best practice or legal requirement to honor “Do Not Track” (DNT) requests, the One Mind Website will honor such browser requests.

B) One Mind Cookie Collection Opt-Out. To block cookie collection for directly, users can click the individualized link below to opt-out of cookie collection.Please note that this option does NOT block Third Party cookies on the One Mind Website.

Click here to opt-out

C) Browser Extensions. Many popular web browsers offer browser extensions or “add-ons” to block cookie collection on all website that you visit. Consult your browser’s user manual or help documentation for more information.

5) If European Union General Data Protection Regulation Applies

If the European Union General Data Protection Regulation applies to you as a user, then we will need to obtain your consent for using various Cookies. You may set your browser so that you are informed of the various Cookies we use and so that you can decide whether to consent to the use of particular Cookies. If you do not consent to particular Cookies, your ability to use our website may be impacted in certain aspects. Personally Identifiable Information that is obtained through the use of Cookies will not be used for profiling purposes.

6) Want to Learn More?

We respect and value your privacy, and we appreciate the need for you to be remain informed about how your information is used online.

Appendix: Functional Cookie Audit

Necessary Cookies requested by

__atuvc Session 1 year Local analytics cookie, used to manage content management settings, cookie and data sharing settings, and social sharing of blog posts and other One Mind Content.
__atuvs persistent Cookies set on our site for analytics, social sharing, job search location preferences, utility notification bar configuration, content management sessions, and load balancer configuration
_ga Session 24-36 hrs This cookie is used to enable Google Analytics on
_gat Third Party 2 years Google Analytics Tracking Object: Used to distinguish unique users between visits to One Mind
_gid Third Party 24 Hours Google Analytics: Used to distinguish between unique users
G_ENABLED_IDPS Persistent 30 days If you have an account on (this applies only to One Mind contributors), this cookie will allow you to log in using your Google e-mail account.