Coping with Trauma in Times of Crisis: The Science and Practice - Dr. Denise Cai & Kyle Elliott

Join One Mind President Brandon Staglin for an insightful talk with Dr. Denise Cai, 2019 One Mind – Otsuka Rising Star Awardee, and Kyle Elliott, MPA CHES on the practice and science of coping with trauma during the COVID-19 crisis. Audience Q&A encouraged!

During the webcast, Denise and Kyle spoke on three primary topic areas:

  • How do memories shape how you manage anxiety and stress during this crisis?
  • How do you care for yourself and others in this present moment?
  • How would you advise leaders to best motivate and care for their teams during the crisis?

Comments are now closed. Thanks to Denise, Kyle, and all who participated!

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25 thoughts on “Coping with Trauma in Times of Crisis: The Science and Practice – Dr. Denise Cai & Kyle Elliott

    1. Hi Tre – There will be a recording of this later. We’ll post it to the ‘Brain Waves’ page of our website.

  1. Iā€™m thinking that Iā€™d like to orient toward growing out. relationships and growing Ctty. Can we use this crisis not just to make do but to GROW?

  2. We are trying to focus on being proactive vs. reactive and I am wondering if you might suggest some proactive choices that will help us manage medical/behavioral healthcare treatment. Thank you.

  3. Love the emphasis and reminder about kindness towards ourselves and others. Thank you guys for this webcast.

  4. Now is also a great time for us to think about what comes AFTER Covid19. What are we learning? How will our blended work/lives look and feel different when we “go back”? Will we ever “go back”? What will we want to change?

  5. Thank you Denise, Kyle and Brandon and thank you to everyone who joined us. Your questions and comments were wonderful and we very much appreciated the discussion. Here’s the link to where you can rewatch this episode (as well as all our past Brain Waves interviews):

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