Embracing Life in the Age of COVID-19: Kevin Hines, Dr. Erin Dunn and Anne McCue

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What motivates you to embrace life? Join One Mind President Brandon Staglin for a talk with award-winning mental health advocate, filmmaker and author Kevin Hines and Rising Star scientist Erin Dunn, PhD on conquering adversity in the age of COVID-19. Featuring a live performance by inspiring singer-songwriter Anne McCue. Audience questions encouraged.

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This week our guests answered these interview questions:

  • Erin: Tell us about some of your findings regarding adverse life events, and what that might mean for how people will be able to cope with the fallout from the current crisis?
  • Erin: How do you assess future risk? Do we know who the most vulnerable populations will be for developing depression and even suicidal thoughts? (You’ve identified teeth as an important biomarker…how does that work?)
  • Kevin: What inspired you to become a suicide prevention activist?
  • Kevin: Before the current pandemic, for the last several years, we have had an increasing suicide epidemic in the United States. Why is that?
  • Erin: When a major life event occurs, when is someone most at risk for developing signs of depression, and can targeted and timely interventions help with preventing it (and the possibility of suicide)?
  • Erin: What advice do you have for parents to help small children cope…and also for those with teens and adolescents?
  • What motivates people to embrace life, even in times of crisis?
  • Is there a recipe for how to thrive?