Ketamine’s Fast Antidepressant Action

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How is the drug ketamine able to remedy depression symptoms within an hour of a single dose, with this effect remaining for up to two weeks? Dr. Lisa Monteggia, a passionate neuroscientist and One Mind Rising Star Basic Research Award winner, is gradually figuring out the biomolecular answers to this question, hoping to enable the development of safe alternatives.

The Q&A period for this segment is now closed. Thank you to ghsmindy for participating again. Many thanks to Dr. Monteggia as well!

In August, Brain Waves will take a detour from its normal science-centered format for a chat with mental health advocate Linea Johnson. Linea and her mom Cinda published Perfect Chaos in May, a beautiful account of their journey with Linea’s bipolar disorder. Stay tuned!

Need a recap? See a summary of Dr. Monteggia’s research.