Modulating the brain’s electrical waves: Dr. Kafui Dziraza

Join One Mind President Brandon Staglin for an inspiring talk with Dr. Kafui Dziraza of Duke University about his work to modulate the brain’s electrical waves toward restoring healthy lives for folks experiencing brain illness.

13 thoughts on “Modulating the brain’s electrical waves: Dr. Kafui Dziraza

  1. Dr. Dzirasa mentioned how the One Mind Rising Star Award he won in 2013 was so influential and how his experiences at our Music Festival for Brain Health that year helped motivate his work. Here’s a video recording of Dr. Dzirasa presenting at that event. It’s good, so be sure to click and watch:

  2. such good work that you are doing! my son has made some interesting spatial and circuitry related comments when talking about what is going on with him and his illness…please give me a shout when you are ready to talk with family members for input

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