Raising Brain Health Awareness Through Film: Scott Rice

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With so much public misunderstanding and confusion about what mental illness is, it is beyond refreshing to know that someone is making excellent films to cast light on the phenomenon. Scott Rice is an award winning film director who is making inspiring and educational short features on individuals living with psychiatric illness for the Mental Health Channel. As these features show, mental illness is not a dead-end diagnosis; living well and making a difference for others is possible even with a mental health condition. When the channel’s co-founder, Jeff Fraley, asked me to appear in one of Scott’s features, I jumped at the opportunity–and you will be able to watch my profile on the channel soon. I will announce when my profile is up. In working with Scott, I learned that he has a lot to share about mental health based on his experiences with the remarkable people he has filmed. So I invited him to appear on Brain Waves–and he agreed!

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-Brandon Staglin