Schizophrenia Research: Past, Present and Future – Dr. Akira Sawa

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Join One Mind President Brandon Staglin for a talk with neuroscience leader and 2007 One Mind Rising Star Dr. Akira Sawa, about the past, present and future of research to help those who struggle with schizophrenia.

A leader in the worldwide quest to decipher the disease, to improve the lives of the 23 million people worldwide who struggle with it, is Akira Sawa, MD, PhD. Dr. Sawa is Director and and Endowed Chair, John Hopkins Schizophrenia Center, John Hopkins University School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health. Moreover, Dr. Sawa was a 2007 One Mind Rising Star Awardee, who has in the thirteen years since led a chain of amazing discoveries and new initiatives aimed to conquer the illness. Today’s chat with Dr. Sawa covers his and his Center’s latest discoveries and his vision for schizophrenia research.

During the webcast, in addition to three great questions from the audience, Dr. Sawa responds to these questions:

  • How did you first get interested to study schizophrenia?
  • What insights has genetics research generated to help people with schizophrenia?
  • What potential do you see for nonpharmaceutical treatments to help patients regain the lives they care about?
  • What have you most valued about mentorship, and what do you most look forward to as a researcher?
  • What are the next frontiers in schizophrenia research, and how will we conquer them?
  • How can interested viewers get involved?