Celebrating the Life of Brain Health Advocate Robin Cunningham

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Robin Cunningham tributeIt is with great sadness that we write to share the passing of Robin Hugh Cunningham, an amazing brain health advocate and supporter of One Mind. After battling a short illness, Robin passed away at the age of 77 on Saturday, December 28, 2019.

For much of his business life, Robin served as a senior corporate officer with a variety of industry-leading international corporations or their subsidiaries. Then in 2000, influenced by his own mental health experiences and the schizophrenia diagnosis he received when he was 13, Robin began a career in advocacy for the mentally ill. He served on the New Jersey Governor’s Council on Mental Health Stigma, served on the board of directors for the New Jersey chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, co-founded another mental health non-profit, wrote an extensive series of blogs for a commercial website about living with mental illness, gave numerous interviews and presentations on the subject, and was featured in the BBC documentary, “Voices in My Head”.

Influenced by their respective schizophrenia diagnosis and the extensive brain health advocacy work they were both doing, Brandon Staglin, our One Mind President and Robin became good friends, with Robin serving as a mentor to Brandon.

Brandon shares, “Since I first met Robin in 2015 he has been a beacon to me, as he has to so many others. His kind manner and appreciative ability to listen, not to mention his insightful and inspiring stories have transformed my perspective on my potential. I will fondly remember this good friend and mentor for the rest of my life.”

in addition to donating to One Mind through one of our year-end fundraisers, in 2015, Robin attended our Music Festival for Brain Health as a guest of Brandon’s, where he donated to the event’s fund-a-need. Then to extend his support, Robin donated a few hundred copies of his book, Descent into Chaos, a Memoir that were given to the guests of our 2018 Music Festival for Brain Health through the event goodie bags.

Robin was an amazing brain health advocate who made a significant impact on society.

As shared in his obituary and in recognition to what One Mind and his relationship with Brandon meant, Robin’s family is asking that in lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in Mr. Cunningham’s memory via the donation page of our onemind.org website.

You can make a gift in memory of Robin Cunningham here.