Videos of the three scientific presentations at One Mind's Music Festival 2013 are now online.

Many called the Scientific Symposium at Music Festival for Mental Health 2013 the best it had ever been, and I agree.  All three scientists’ talks were fascinating and informative, and presented real potential for better treatments for the people we love both now and in the future. Now, each of these three talks is available for you to view online! Click a title below to view a video.

1) Re-wiring the Brain: New Science, New Tools – A Keynote Speech by Sophia Vinogradov, M.D.

2) Delusions and the Brain: Translating Theories into Therapies – A Rising Star Proposal Presentation by Philip Corlett, Ph.D.

3) The Next Generation of Neuropsychiatric Diagnostics & Therapeutics – A Rising Star Proposal Presentation by Kafui Dzirasa, M.D., Ph.D.

Kafui DzirasaMusic Festival for Brain HealthPhilip CorlettSophia Vinogradov