One Mind 2018 Annual Report

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Collaboration and hope. These two ideals rise to the surface as we look back at 2018 and the brain health advances that One Mind has accomplished. By working as a connector and motivator within the brain health community, we are accelerating cures and increasing hope for the millions of people worldwide who are afflicted with a brain illness or injury.

We remain energized by our belief that if we act together, we will achieve our vision of healthy brains for all. We are honored to lead in this work and grateful for the partnership of our donor community. As such, in 2018 we made many inroads in this pursuit.

In 2018, One Mind provided $1.5 million in donor supported funds to the AURORA study on trauma-related brain illness that launched in September 2016, increasing our collective total to $2 million. Through this early funding, we have helped AURORA achieve a long list of successes.


In 2018, we also launched ASPIRe, a new One Mind program that aims to provide a brighter future for youth facing serious psychiatric illness. Starting by networking early treatment programs to boost care quality and innovation, we intend to significantly improve access for youth to gold standard treatment for early serious psychiatric illness, as well as recovery rates, while saving families significant burden society-wide.

We also granted three Rising Star Awards to three of the most promising young scientists whose innovative research is improving diagnostics and treatments for psychiatric illness.

And in just two years since its launch, our One Mind at Work program has already made major strides in implementing a gold standard for workplace mental health and well-being. With a number of influential employers joining this effort, to date more than 1.45 million people are already covered under the One Mind at Work Charter.

We have also set in motion a number of new initiatives and partnerships that are seeding advancements for 2019 and the years to come.

Thank you for all of your support. Together via the individuals, foundations and corporations who contributed, in 2018 we raised over $6 million in total direct funds. Your gifts played a critical role in the brain research and patient support we underwrote in 2018 and will provide continued hope through our collective efforts to come.