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One Mind Annual Report Cover

In 2020, the pandemic, its economic fallout, and widespread social unrest rocked the world. The effects both on society’s long-term mental health and the non-profit world were considerable. With an eye on how these adverse environmental crises were and are impacting our collective mental health, in 2020, we pivoted a good amount of our outbound communications to bolster hope and support to those most impacted.

Thanks to your continued advocacy, in 2020, One Mind tackled the COVID-induced mental health crisis with science-based innovations, services, and educational media reaching millions.

In showcasing some of the advancements made in 2020 and in recognizing the phenomenal support that you provided, we would like to share with you a digital copy of our One Mind 2020 Annual Report.

A few of the achievements made include:

  • Funding two amazingly innovative researchers through our One Mind Rising Star Awards and five up-and-coming bipolar disorder focused researchers through One Mind’s 2020 Bipolar Research Awards.
  • The successful pivot of our annually held Music Festival for Brain Health, hosting it and the Scientific Symposium virtually for the first time ever in its 27-year history.
  • Via the One Mind at Work Charter, 20 million people are receiving improved mental health benefits and support.
  • One Mind’s funded AURORA program has discovered over 200 biomarkers to enable the development of personalized treatments for post-traumatic stress.
  • One Mind’s ASPIRe Initiative has now collaborated with insurance and government agencies to provide science-based care for youth at risk for serious mental illness across three communities.
  • A boost in our One Mind All Media programming including our weekly Brain Waves webcast series that had a total of 4.7 million views in 2020.

With your support, in 2020, we raised over $5 million in total direct funds to support the brain health initiatives we lead. Given the unique challenges of the year, we are very pleased with this amount and thankful for the support you provided to achieve this success.

For your participation, we remain truly grateful!

Read the 2020 Annual Report