Training the Brain: An E-Booklet on Neuroplasticity-Based Therapy Research

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People receiving care in today’s mental health system may wish treatment options were more safe, effective and accessible. Fortunately, neuroscientists, many funded by One Mind, are making rapid-fire discoveries that are already translating into treatments patients can use. One approach advancing at a brilliant clip harnesses a property of the brain called neuroplasticity.

In this short e-booklet you will learn what neuroplasticity is, and how emerging treatments can capitalize on it to enhance mental focus, mood regulation and life quality. This class of non-pharmaceutical treatments shows promise to help patients across the psychiatric spectrum. Please read about training the brain, and you may find new reasons for hope.


Download Training the Brain: Enhancing Mental Health Neuroplastically


Scientists funded by One Mind continue to push the envelope toward better therapies for brain diseases. From basic genetic research to pharmaceutical development to testing emerging treatments, One Mind scientists are building a brighter future for patients. We thank our donors who make this work possible.

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