Washington Post Recognizes PsyberGuide as a Standout Service to Review Mental Health Apps

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Washington Post Recognized PsyberGuide as a Standout Service to Review Mental Health Apps and Tools 

One Mind’s PsyberGuide program has been receiving a lot of national media recently that highlights the program’s position as an informative, unbiased resource that can aid those who are struggling with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress or a number of other brain health conditions. Included, is the recent article the Washington Post released two days ago that showcases the differentiated value the PsyberGuide program provides.

There are thousands of brain health apps on the internet and the PsyberGuide program works to review and rate many of them to help the user decipher which app or tool is best for their personal needs. Accessible via the psyberguide.org website, the program analyzes each app/tool and gives a score for its credibility, user experience and transparency into how the app stores your data, while also sharing if the app is supported by quality research and whether it’s designed to improve a specific brain health condition.

In a time where there is a shortage of mental health professionals and affordable care, and where many people lack access to professional care or they are reluctant to seek professional support, the PsyberGuide program provides a highly valuable service to those in need.

Read the Washington Post’s article here.

About PsyberGuide:

PsyberGuide is one of the many brain health programs One Mind leads. It is spearheaded by academics at Northwestern University and the University of California at Irvine and works in partnership with other mental health organizations such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the International OCD Foundation, Mental Health America and the Anxiety & Depression Association of America. Visit psyberguide.org to learn more.

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