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Most of the world’s population spends one-third of their adult lives at work. The workplace and its leaders have a tremendous opportunity to improve quality of life for all people and play a critical role in driving mental health solutions. When work is fulfilling, it can help a person feel engaged, alive, productive and fulfilled. When work is stressful, overall quality of life suffers, and work-related concerns can exacerbate mental health conditions including anxiety and depression.

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One Mind at Work Program

About One Mind at Work

With financial support from founding sponsor Janssen Research & Development, LLC, one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, One Mind at Work convenes leaders to transform approaches to mental health and addiction with the goal of delivering better mental health, wellness and economic outcomes globally. Working together with other influential leaders, we will effectively address mental health disparities, promote brain health and achieve a society and health care system in which mental health is treated the same as physical health.

One Mind at Work is a global coalition of leaders from diverse sectors including business, medicine, research, education, law enforcement, the military and civil society. These leaders have joined together with the goal of transforming approaches to mental health and addiction.

Launched in 2017, One Mind at Work now has more than 25 global employers and 18 research and content partners as members and through their participation, have more than 3.5 Million people covered by the One Mind at Work Charter.

One Mind at Work Goals

To develop and implement a gold standard for workplace mental health and well-being.

To convene and motivate top-level CEOs to transform how mental health is viewed and approached in the workplace, how healthcare is purchased under the new paradigm, and how we can gain equity, collaboration and parity between physical and mental health.

Investing time and resources on mental health as a critical element of comprehensive employee well-being will:

Enhance the reputation of your organization, increase retention and recruitment and increase satisfaction.

Increase productivity.

Reduce employee-related risks and potential liabilities.

Reduce total medical costs.

Lower absenteeism, presenteeism and disability.

Why We Launched One Mind at Work

The focus of One Mind at Work is the development and implementation of a gold standard for workplace mental health and well-being. Business leaders can have a positive impact on employee resilience, well-being and creativity while reducing costs. They can contextualize this with respect to the business impact for their own organization’s unique needs. If employees living with a mental illness aren’t able to function at their best, what is the result – missed, or poorly negotiated, business deals, missed deadlines, increased liability? Conversely, what can be gained when employees are able to perform at peak levels – increased business opportunities, increased revenue, on-time or ahead of schedule delivery on obligations?

For more information, please visit the One Mind at Work website.

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