Our Work

We advance cutting-edge neuropsychiatric research, creating a wellspring of hope for better diagnostic tools and treatments for brain health conditions. This emphasis on research is also infused in our patient-centered services, as well as our initiatives to dismantle stigma and discrimination through education and media.


Accelerating discovery

One Mind funds and supports cutting-edge scientific research to accelerate breakthroughs in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and ultimately cures for brain illness and injury.


A national research initiative that works to improve the understanding, resilience, and recovery of individuals who have experienced a traumatic event.

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One Mind Rising Star Awards

Funding innovative, early-career neuropsychiatric research.

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Healthy Brains Global Initiative

A global effort to mobilize $10B in new funding and new science for brain health research.

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A framework for achieving high-quality data for open science.

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Identifying and confirming FDA-approved biomarkers for traumatic brain injuries.

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Scaling implementation

One Mind supports scalable access to and rapid adoption of new knowledge, best practices and gold-standard treatments by healthcare practitioners and patients.


A national initiative to reduce serious psychiatric illness in youth.

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One Mind PsyberGuide

Unbiased expert reviews of mental health apps and digital health resources.

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Heroes Health

Addressing the mental health needs of frontline healthcare workers.

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Transforming culture

One Mind uses its convening power to catalyze hope for those impacted, raise funds for brain health research, and support initiatives for ending the stigma and discrimination associated with brain illnesses.

Stronger Than You Think

A three-day celebrity-packed social media event on mental health.

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One Mind At Work

Developing and implementing a gold standard for workplace mental health.

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Brain Waves

Webcast conversations with brain health scientists, advocates and experts.

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One Mind All Media

Creates engaging brain health media that educates and informs.

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Latest News

July 15, 2021
One Mind Expands Ambassador Program, Naming Olympian Laurie Hernandez as One Mind Champion
Together, Laurie and One Mind Launch the “I Am A Champion” Consumer Contest, Encouraging More Open Conversations Around Mental Health RUTHERFORD, Calif. ...
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July 1, 2021
Music and the Brain Think Tank
The State of Music Based Interventions for Mental Illness A large body of literature supports the importance of music on brain development and function, but ...
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May 28, 2021
One Mind Job Opening – Grant Writer
GRANT WRITER HISTORY AND BACKGROUND: One Mind was founded by the Staglin family to accelerate science for better diagnostics and cures, to translate outcomes ...
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