Our Work

We advance cutting-edge neuropsychiatric research, creating a wellspring of hope for better diagnostic tools and treatments for brain health conditions. This emphasis on research is also infused in our patient-centered services, as well as our initiatives to dismantle stigma and discrimination through education and media.


Accelerating discovery

One Mind funds and supports cutting-edge scientific research to accelerate breakthroughs in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and ultimately cures for brain illness and injury. Programs include:

One Mind Rising Star Awards


Scaling implementation

One Mind supports scalable access to and rapid adoption of new knowledge, best practices and gold-standard treatments by healthcare practitioners and patients. Programs include:

One Mind Elizabeth Morgan Brown Memorial Fund
Strong 365
One Mind PsyberGuide
Heroes Health


Transforming culture

One Mind uses its convening power to catalyze hope for those impacted, raise funds for brain health research, and support initiatives for ending the stigma and discrimination associated with brain illnesses. Programs include:

Stronger Than You Think
One Mind At Work
Brain Waves
One Mind All Media

Latest News

January 6, 2021
One Mind Joins the Mental Health Coalition to Destigmatize Mental Health Conditions
One Mind Joins the Mental Health Coalition to Destigmatize Mental Health Conditions One Mind is proud to announce that we have joined the Mental Health ...
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December 16, 2020
One Mind Joins Top Mental Health Organizations to Prioritize Response to Nation’s Escalating Mental Health Crisis
Chief executives of the nation’s top 14 leading mental health advocacy organizations and professional associations today announced the formation of a unified ...
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December 14, 2020
A Conversation on Workplace Mental Health with Bank of America CEO, Brian Moynihan
At the virtual 2020 HLTH Conference, One Mind Chairman Garen Staglin joined Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan for a keynote session on “Building Mental ...
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