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About One Mind PsyberGuide

Funded by One Mind, One Mind PsyberGuide is leading the field of digital mental health forward by improving access to mental health resources for those who lack access to traditional support, and helping people explore how technology can be used to improve wellbeing.

One Mind PsyberGuide was established in 2013 in response to a growing need for guidelines to help people navigate the mental health app marketplace. Through rigorous evaluation of technology and promotion of scientific best practices, the project seeks to provide accurate and reliable information free of preference, bias, or endorsement. One Mind PsyberGuide now operates out of the University of California, Irvine and Northwestern University with a team of experts in mental health, technology, and technology delivered care.

One Mind PsyberGuide utilizes a 3-pronged rating system that takes into account an app’s Credibility, User Experience, and Transparency of Privacy Practices.

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How It Works


The research supporting the technology and the credibility of the development process are assessed.

User Experience

The technology is evaluated in terms of how fun, functional, easy-to-use, engaging, and interesting it is.


The privacy policies are reviewed to see if they address key pieces of information about what happens with entered data.

Paul Gionfriddo

President & CEO, Mental Health America

One Mind PsyberGuide is an essential support for our community. There is so much information and misinformation online. It’s important to have a reputable organization give guidance to an otherwise confusing landscape.