Peter Chiarelli, General, USA (retired)

One Mind CEO (retired) / Ambassador

Peter Chiarelli, General, USA (retired) / One Mind CEO (retired) / Ambassador

Peter Chiarelli, U.S. Army General (retired) spent nearly 40 years of his life serving others while in the U.S. Army. As commander of the Multi-National Corps-Iraq, he coordinated the actions of all four military services and was responsible for the day-to-day combat operations of more than 147,000 U.S. and Coalition troops. While serving as the 32nd Vice Chief of Staff in the Army from 2008 to 2012, Chiarelli was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Army and its 1.1 million active and reserve soldiers. It was during this time that General Chiarelli led the Department of Defense efforts on post-traumatic stress (PTS), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and suicide prevention.

Immediately after retiring from the U.S. Army in early 2012, General Chiarelli became the first CEO of One Mind. Along with leading the organization’s strategic initiatives, he continued to advance his advocacy on brain health. He worked expeditiously with members in the government, corporate, scientific and philanthropic communities to greatly accelerate large-scale research for brain illnesses and injuries through Open Science data sharing and collaboration. His recent achievements include leading One Mind’s support of the TRACK-TBI research collaboration, aiding TRACK-TBI in its progress towards obtaining FDA approval of biologically-based biomarkers for TBI and building the foundation for the TRACK-TBI and AURORA ‘mega-collaboratory’ that will combine the data from these two large-scale longitudinal studies to determine the TBI and PTS comorbidity overlap.

Although General Chiarelli retired as the CEO from One Mind in early 2018, his passion and drive for the organization and for finding cures for neurodegenerative diseases remains explicit. While he looks forward to spending more time with his family, General Chiarelli still plans to continue his earnest efforts to aid One Mind in their neurodegenerative efforts as a One Mind Ambassador. We are thankful for his past, present and future support!

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