A Blood Test for Depression: Dr. Ian Maze

Depression can disable, but hope for individualized diagnostics and treatments is on the horizon. Join One Mind President Brandon Staglin to talk with Dr. Ian Maze, a 2017 One Mind Rising Star Awardee, about his work to develop a simple blood test for stress susceptibility, major depressive disorder, and the efficacy of antidepressant medications. Audience Q&A welcome!

Dr. Maze was available to answer your questions via this page through Friday, October 26, 2018 at 2pm PDT. A big thank you to Dr. Maze, Angee, Dirk, Karen, Roger and Veronica for your wonderful participation! Comments are now closed.

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    1. Hi Angee, this is an important consideration, and one that we will try to address as we continue testing the relevance of this biomarker in clinical populations. Obviously, our testing will begin in an urban area (NYC), but it would need to be tested with patient samples from those in rural communities as well. Thanks for your question!

  1. Glad you mentioned the recent research on GUT potential caused problems. Heard recently of a psychiatrist about 100 yrs, ago who proposed this. “Whole Body Theory”. First name: Emil , (sorry can’t remember this Dr.’s last name).

  2. Hi everyone, this is Ian Maze welcoming your questions. I will check this thread at least once a day for the next few days to answer anything that you may not have had a chance to ask during the interview.

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