How Stress Affects Young Children: Dr. Erin Dunn

How Stress Affects Young Children – March 2018 Brain Waves Interview

One Mind President Brandon Staglin spoke with Dr. Erin Dunn, winner of the 2018 One Mind Rising Star Peter Chiarelli Collaborative Research Award. Brandon and Erin discussed her meaningful work to foster resilience against depression throughout the lifetime by understanding how stress affects young children.

Those who watched the interview on Facebook Live were encouraged to submit their questions during the interview. Additional questions were allowed online through Friday, March 29, 2019.

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18 thoughts on “How Stress Affects Young Children: Dr. Erin Dunn

  1. Hi Erin, thank you for your time today, this is a great talk. Several of my family members have manic depression, aka bi-polar disorder. I am looking for more recent books to learn more. There are too many options online, so can you please recommend 2 recent books, including ones that explain the science/chemistry in laymen’s terms?

    My relatives are really suffering so I am also looking for hope. If you know of any books that provide hope to families, that would also be greatly appreciated.

  2. one of the strategies you focus on is social support. i find that one of my worst symptoms of depression is intense social anxiety with feelings of discomfort around even my closest of friends, or feeling like by talking about my depression i am a dark cloud and bringing them down. do you have any suggestions for how to work these together?

  3. Hi Tal. Also wanted to follow-up with you about your question. Have you seen anything from the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance:

    They have some materials that might be helpful.

    In terms of books, here are a few suggestions…

    If these aren’t in line with what you’re wanting, let me know and I can suggest others.

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