Global Mental Health Leader Dr. Kathy Pike to Serve as CEO of One Mind

RUTHERFORD, Calif.–One Mind™, a leading mental health non-profit based in Napa Valley, CA, today announced the appointment of Dr. Kathy Pike as its CEO effective immediately. Most recently, Dr. Pike has been serving as the President and CEO of One Mind at Work, a subsidiary of One Mind. With the board’s appointment of Dr. Pike in this new position, she will be the first woman to serve in the role of CEO of One Mind.

“This is an important moment for all of us who have dedicated ourselves to One Mind for nearly three decades now,” said Garen Staglin, Co-founder and Chairman of the One Mind Board. “My wife and I founded this organization with a goal to heal lives and to help everyone facing brain health challenges build healthy, productive lives. Our son and co-founder, Brandon, was and continues to be the guiding inspiration for this work. We are proud to have Dr. Kathy Pike at the helm of One Mind, as we look to the future of mental health innovations. From the scientists to the start-up founders, to the boardrooms looking to transform workplace mental health, to the stories that inspire us, Dr. Pike has the vision needed to move One Mind forward. I look forward to working closely with Kathy to accelerate our progress and impact.”

As a globally recognized mental health expert, Dr. Pike has served as President and CEO of One Mind at Work since 2023. Prior to joining One Mind, she founded and directed the Columbia University World Health Organization Center for Global Mental Health and led the Columbia University Mental Health + Work Design Lab where she provided thought leadership, content expertise, scientific research, and strategic guidance on advancing mental health at work. Dr. Pike retains a faculty appointment at Columbia University’s Department of Psychiatry and School of Public Health. Dr. Pike has received multiple awards for her work advancing mental health including the 2021 American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology.

“Across all sectors of society and around the globe, we’re seeing a crisis in addressing mental health needs,” said Dr. Kathy Pike, CEO of One Mind. “Leaders of all kinds are looking for research-backed, data-driven solutions. With science as our cornerstone, I look forward to expanding One Mind’s distinguished history focused on discovery, innovation, and translation of science to build best practices and advance mental health understanding and services. I am grateful to the One Mind leadership for this opportunity and their trust extended to me to provide leadership in building on the proud 30-year foundation of One Mind and the extraordinary legacy of the Staglin family.”

Dr. Pike will assume the role effectively immediately. She will continue to lead One Mind at Work, and will now oversee all One Mind, including the signature programs of the One Mind Accelerator and the Rising Star Awards.

In addition to the appointment of Dr. Pike as CEO, the Board of Directors also established a new role of Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer, appointing Brandon Staglin to that role. As Co-founder and Chief Advocacy & Engagement Officer (CAEO) of One Mind, Brandon will serve as the lead public advocate for the organization. He will play a pivotal role in advocating for greater mental health awareness, fostering strategic partnerships with diverse stakeholders, and promoting engagement across One Mind’s diverse range of programs. As CAEO, Brandon will continue to serve as a visionary leader with excellent communication skills and a deep commitment to One Mind’s mission to catalyze visionary change to transform the world’s mental health. Brandon will also oversee the annual Music Festival for Brain Health. This year’s festival is the 30th Annual, scheduled for September 7, 2024.

Since January 2018, Brandon has led One Mind as its President. Under his tenure, Brandon has doubled the size of One Mind and launched the One Mind Accelerator program, which backs visionary founders of early-stage startups with the network, education, and capital to rapidly build category-defining companies that improve the lives of people living with mental illness.

The Board also welcomes Gordon Watson as the newest member of the One Mind Board. Watson served as the founding member of One Mind at Work’s Guiding Council of key executives from some of the world’s most influential companies who are committed to improving the mental health and wellness of their employees. Watson was instrumental in supporting the creation of the Mental Health at Work Index, which is a standardized assessment of organizational-level initiatives to address workforce mental health.

About One Mind™

Launched in 1995 by Shari and Garen Staglin as their means to “run toward the problem” of their son’s schizophrenia diagnosis, One Mind is today a leading mental health non-profit that heals lives by direct support for neuropsychiatric brain research. By convening the brightest minds in brain science and advocacy around a collective vision of “Accelerating Brain Health for All,” One Mind is advancing a three-pronged program strategy of accelerating discoveries, improving services, and transforming culture. Through such achievements as enrolling over 10,000 patients in innovative clinical studies and the One Mind at Work initiative that has brought supportive workplace mental health practices to over 7 million employees, One Mind is creating a world where all people facing brain health challenges can build healthy, productive lives. Brandon Staglin, whose own experiences triggered the creation of the non-profit, now serves as its Co-founder and Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer, exemplifying the change One Mind seeks in its disruptive research and workplace initiatives.


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