One Mind All Media – Short Film Documentary on Bipolar Disorder

In April 2021, via our One Mind All Media division, we released a short-film documentary titled Inside Breakthrough Research: Stimulating the Brain for Mental Health that showcases the research being done by one of our One Mind Rising Star Awardees, Dr. Greg Fonzo from the University of Texas at Austin, Dell Medical School, and Shaylin, a participant in his study who lives with bipolar disorder.

The film provides valuable content to the viewer, highlighting the type of pivotal research One Mind funds, while also providing a window into the lives of a brain scientist and research study participant.

The One Mind Rising Star Awards fund the world’s most promising neuropsychiatric researchers in order to accelerate lifesaving discoveries. To date, the One Mind Rising Star Awards grant program has given nearly $9 million to 36 research scientists located throughout the world.

Dr. Greg Fonzo, a 2020 Rising Star Awardee, is working to improve treatments for those with affective disorders like bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. The participants in his trials hope that the knowledge gained from this research results in a viable, non-invasive therapy that could ultimately change their lives. This documentary short provides a glimpse into the promising technology that could provide the key to finding relief.

Watch the film