Treatments for OCD: Dr. Susanne Ahmari

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Treatments for OCD: April 2019 Brain Waves Interview

Click the video link above to watch this interview.

In April of 2019, One Mind President Brandon Staglin hosted an energetic talk with Dr. Susanne Ahmari, 2018 One Mind / Janssen Rising Star Awardee, about her groundbreaking research into treatments for OCD and how to improve life for individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

During the live interview, Dr. Ahmari provided insightful answers to these questions:

  • Describe what inspired you to focus on OCD research?
  • You are a medical doctor in addition to a scientist. What have you learned from your patients that you can apply to improve your research? Has your research revealed anything that helps you help your patients?
  • What would a treatment look like that could ultimately be developed from your research?
  • When you envision the greatest success you can achieve in your work, what does it look like? How would that benefit you and to your patients? What do you think it will take to get you there?
  • There are likely many individuals watching who have experienced OCD. Based on your experiences and research, what would you like them to know about managing their challenges?
  • In your talk at One Mind’s Music Festival for Brain Health in 2018, you refer to the idea that if we could develop a biological test for psychiatric illnesses like OCD, it could reduce the stigma involved, and put such illnesses on a more equal level of acceptance with neurological conditions, like Parkinson’s disease. This idea speaks to the potential of science to enact social change. Until there is a biological test, what can we all do to promote acceptance and empowerment of individuals with psychiatric illnesses? Can science play a role even at this stage?
  • How can interested viewers get involved?

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