Unveiling the Future of Mental Health: Exclusive Science & Innovation Symposium Videos

Welcome to the forefront of mental health innovation! Each year, the Science & Innovation Symposium at the One Mind Music Festival for Brain Health ignites our passion for understanding, diagnosing, and preventing mental illness.

The 2023 symposium, generously sponsored by Roger’s Behavioral Health, drew over 400 enthusiastic guests who united to raise a remarkable $3 million. This year’s energizing talks explored the frontiers of schizophrenia and depression treatments, the effects of adverse childhood experiences across generations, and the powerful potential of entrepreneurship to connect science with patients.

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Muscarinic Antipsychotics: A Potential New Generation of Medicine for Treating Schizophrenia
with Steve Paul, MD, CSO & President of Research and Development, Karuna Therapeutics

2023 Rising Star Awards: Research Projects

Treating Depression Through Computational Psychiatry
Ignacio Saez, PhD, 2023 One Mind–Russ and Stephanie Deyo Rising Star Awardee

Prenatal Sleep Health & Anxiety Disorder

with Claudia Lugo-Candelas, PhD, 2023 One Mind–Luther Family Rising Star Awardee

How Schizophrenia-Associated Genes Alter Brain Organization

with Arpiar Saunders, PhD, 2023 One Mind-Ben Langford & Nicholas Hall Rising Star Awardee

2023 One Mind Accelerator Talks

Personalized AI for Precision Psychiatry

with Lindsay Dow, Founder & CEO, Tetricus Labs

Revolutionizing Psychiatric & Neurological Medicine

with Emily Stern, Co-Founder & CEO, Ceretype Neuromedicine

Treating SMI via Bioelectronics & Brain Stimulation

with Jacob Robinson, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, Motif Neurotech

Thank you to everyone who made the One Mind Music Festival for Brain Health and the Science & Innovation Symposium a huge success! Your support enriches our research community, and we look forward to seeing you at next year’s event.