Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received over the years. If your answer is not listed below, feel free to email us at

Q: When can I apply for the One Mind Rising Star Awards:

A: The 2019 Rising Star Award application is available on the Rising Star Awards page of our website. The due date to submit your application to One Mind is May 15, 2019.

Q: Where can I get more information about the One Mind Rising Star Awards program and download the 2019 application?

A: Please visit the Rising Star Award page on this website, linked here.

Q: How many Rising Star Awards are given out each year?

A: Historically, One Mind has awarded 2-3 Rising Star Awards each year. Thanks to an uptick in supporting sponsors, in 2019 there will be five (5) Rising Star Awards.

Q: How much money is awarded via each Rising Star Award:

A: Unless otherwise detailed, each Rising Star Award provides a $250,000 grant, distributed over a three-year period ($83,333 given each year).

Q: Are indirect costs a part of the annual distribution of funds or are they external?

Indirect costs are limited to 10% of the annual grant funding. Any and all indirect costs are to be included within each of the three $83,333 payments (i.e.: $8,333 indirect costs + $75,000 = $83,333)

Q: Do my references need to be included within my 2-page application?

A: No. You may use one additional page beyond the two-page application limit to list your references.

Q: Do the awards allow for awardees to distribute funds to investigators at collaborating institutions, in either the form of a consultant or subcontractor agreement?

A: Yes, awardees can distribute a portion of their awarded funds to other collaborating investigators.

Q: Can multiple people apply as a group for one of the Rising Star Awards?

A: There must be a lead investigator/applicant for each Rising Star Award. Only one applicant/individual will be recognized per each award.

Q: Is this a global award that allows international applicants?

A: Yes, the Rising Star Award competition is open internationally.

Q: Is it required that the applicant be affiliated with an institution?

A: Yes, each applicant must be nominated by the Chair or Head of their academic institution, so the applicant must be affiliated with said academic institution.

Q: Should we submit only the biosketch of the applicant, or those of all investigators involved in the proposed research?

A: Only a biosketch of the lead applicant needs to be submitted.

Q: Can awards cover awardee salaries?

A: Yes

Q: Would a pilot clinical trial be acceptable for any of the awards?

A: Yes, pilot clinical trials are within scope of this award. Feel free to email just to be sure.  

Q:  If awards do not cover the full cost of proposed research, would it be acceptable for the awardee to supplement the award with additional funding?

A: Yes, but the applicant must clarify whether the funding is in hand, or if not currently funded, how the project will manage to be successful without the additional resources. Please email us at if you have any questions on this.

Q: Is it mandatory that the applicant be within 10 years of their initial independent appointment?

A: Yes, this is mandatory.

Q: Are applicants allowed to submit an RFA more than once?

A: Each applicant is only allowed to submit one application each year, but if not selected, they may apply again in future years.