One Mind Board of Directors

Donna Friedman


Donna Friedman is a licensed professional counselor in private practice. She has personal lived experience in the field of Eating Disorders, as both a sufferer and a parent of a sufferer. Her personal story motivated her to help others. Over the years, Ms. Friedman has championed the cause for early intervention and evidence-based treatment.

Ms. Friedman was the first Patient/Carer board member of the International Academy for Eating Disorders(AED). The AED is the largest non-profit organization focused on research for the diagnosis, intervention, and treatment of these illnesses. She is recognized as a pioneer in elevating the voice of the patient in treatment protocol. She has spoken nationally and internationally on this subject.

In addition, Ms. Friedman has been an outspoken advocate for mental health parity. The Parity Law passed in 2008, which requires that mental illness be treated with the same respect as physical illness. She is a member of Columbia University’s Global Mental Health Advisory Board, an avid supporter of The Kennedy Forum, and a member Project Heal’s Board of Directors.

She is a wife, mother of four children, resides in Charleston, SC, where she maintains her professional practice.

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