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Kelly Deckert One Mind

Kelly Deckert

Senior Director of Content & Social Impact

Kelly Deckert is an Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer and Digital Strategist specializing in social impact storytelling and grassroots engagement. She has over 18 years of experience in content development, social media marketing, community engagement, and communications. Her passion lies in mental health, brain science, and utilizing digital platforms to reach and support stigmatized health communities.

Prior to her work at One Mind, Kelly worked in public media using executive vision to drive enterprising digital growth and opportunity for Ken Burns, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and other national PBS programming, including Well Beings, a major public media multi-platform campaign addressing the critical health needs of Americans through broadcast content, original digital content, and impactful virtual events. She was also the Director of, managing the daily operations of BrainLine’s partnerships, funding, website, social media, and digital content.

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