One Mind Champions

When high-profile figures share their lived experiences with brain health challenges, it empowers others to share their own stories. Under the banner of our Champions initiative, One Mind partners with brave, honest individuals who have high visibility in their industry in order to help destigmatize and raise awareness around the brain health crisis. We hope hearing about their journeys will inspire vulnerability and strength in others.

Meet the Champions

Laurie Hernandez

Laurie Hernandez is an American artistic gymnast who competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics, winning gold in the team event and silver on the balance beam.
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Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes is a multi-platinum selling recording artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Proficient at more than thirty instruments.
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Jewel is a singer-songwriter, poet, actress, 2x New York Times Best-Selling Author, and mental health expert.
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Foster a sense of community among those impacted by mental health challenges

Reduce stigma and discrimination by normalizing the journey of those with mental health conditions

Raise awareness and stimulate open conversation around these issues

Increase funding for critical brain health research and support resources