One Mind 2019 Annual Report

Cover of 2019 One Mind Annual Report

Thanks to your continued support, 2019 was another amazing year for One Mind and the brain health efforts we lead. By catalyzing comprehensive action, working from science to patients to society, we are continuing to help people with brain illness and injury recover so that they can live healthy, productive lives.

In showcasing some of the advancements made in 2019 and in recognizing the phenomenal support that you provided, we would like to share with you a digital copy of our 2019 Annual Report.


A few of the achievements made are also mentioned below:

  • Funding an unprecedented five young and innovative researchers through our Rising Star Awards.
  • Celebrating a quarter of a century of brain health support at the sold-out 25th Music Festival for Brain Health.
  • Further building out the foundation of our ASPIRe Initiative that aims to enhance recovery for youth experiencing serious psychiatric illness.
  • Doubling the number of coalition members for our One Mind at Work Initiative that improved workplace mental health support to 5.1 million employees.
  • Collaborating with the National Academy of Medicine to establish the foundation of the Healthy Brains Financing Initiative that is working to create a $10 billion umbrella financing initiative to accelerate globally-focused brain science breakthroughs.
  • Adding a new board member and a new employee to our One Mind team, the latter to lead our new One Mind All Media division.


With your support, in 2019, we raised over $8 million in total direct funds to support the brain health initiatives we lead. As in 2018, as well as the year prior, this annually measured amount was a record for our non-profit. For your participation, we remain truly grateful!

This said, our goals for 2020 are monumental both in the life-healing advances we aim to facilitate and the hope we aim to provide. You have an opportunity to fuel this work – both as an active voice to curtail the stigma that surrounds mental health and as a philanthropic supporter. Please consider donating to One Mind now and please participate on our social media feeds linked on the base of this page.