One Mind President’s Statement on the Buffalo Mass Shooting

Title Card - Buffalo Mass Shooting Statement

One Mind President’s Statement on the Buffalo Mass Shooting

Since I read the news of the horrifying March 14 mass shooting in Buffalo, I have been stricken with sorrow for the loss of innocent lives, anger at the racist ideology that inspired it, and concern for the wellbeing of the African American members of my family and community.

Racism in all its forms debilitates the emotional health of both the giver and the receiver and has no place in a healthy society. Behind the violence we have witnessed lies a vast ongoing history of discrimination and disparities that impact millions of people’s opportunities for healthy lives.

Now and always, One Mind stands in support of communities of color throughout our nation and is committed to providing the resources to support access to equitable healthcare.


African American Mental Health Resources:


Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective

Black Mental Wellness (on Instagram)

Liberate Meditation

Strong 365 (Help and Treatment Tracker page)

Therapy for Black Girls

The Safe Place

The Steve Fund