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Through One Mind’s 26+ year history, we have been committed to accelerating brain science and improving cultural perceptions about mental health, bending society toward hope and compassion while empowering each person around the world struggling with mental health challenges. In service to these goals, it is more important now than ever to educate and inspire global audiences through a wide range of mediums, both traditional and digital.

One Mind laid the rails for its media enterprise by securing a record fifteen funders to back a 2022 Ken Burns film on the crisis in mental health care and the challenges of stigma for young people. One Mind All Media now leads the production of the weekly Brain Waves webcast that features timely conversations with notable mental health experts and brain scientists, combined with personal perspectives from advocates and those with lived experience. Recent guests include Jewel, Lindsey Vonn, Patrick J. Kennedy, Temple Grandin, and Mariel Hemingway.

One Mind All Media is headed by Managing Director and Chief Content Officer, Emmy Award-winning executive producer Dalton Delan, who spearheaded for two decades the films of Ken Burns, films and series by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and television’s longest-running public affairs program Washington Week. Delan also co-created the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, in addition to twenty years of work with The Kennedy Center Prize for American Humor and overseeing In Performance at the White House for five Presidential Administrations.


Substantially increase funding for brain health research

Produce media that will help to significantly advance workplace mental health best practices and access

Transform society, eliminate discrimination, and celebrate neurodiversity

Addressing the mental health impact of racial trauma

The worldwide pandemic and efflorescence of the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd created a perfect storm to expand the focus of One Mind All Media to not only the at-risk youth targeted by the Burns documentary, but the inequitable access and affordability issues for mental health care for young persons of color. One Mind has long been a leader in research on post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury, but now is broadening its focus to content that speaks to the stresses and traumas inherent in the experiences of persons of color, as well as sexual and other violence.

To address these urgent circumstances, One Mind All Media launched the digital-first content initiative One Mind Share, which has reached young, diverse audiences on their favored social and streaming platforms, leveraging short-form video storytelling optimized for mobile and web to transform awareness of best practices and available services for mental health, particularly among young persons of color, as well as youth in general.

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One Mind All Media is proud to partner with likeminded organizations to bring projects to life that will accelerate brain health for all.